Tortonto – Just for Fun

This was my third of four visits to Toronto this year, but the only one that was simply for fun (no work!). It was good to see my Snowboard buddies for the first time since our trip to Tremblant in early spring.

Toronto is a great town and many hijinks took place, which is easy when you have the great night life that a city like Toronto has to offer.

If you like beer, as well as great country Italian food, I highly recommend Cafe Volo on Younge Street. This was my third trip there and I have officially fallen in love with the place. Over 200 imported beers…Enough said!

Niagra Falls (via car, not barrel)

IMG_0031  IMG_0017  IMG_0003
I can drive to Niagra Falls within about 7 hours, if traffic is good, but I’ve never really had the desire to make the journey. Niagra Falls typically instills visions of large tour groups, cheap honeymoons from shotgun weddings and hundreds of Japanese tour groups taking endless snapshots. I was surprised to find, however, that the actual Niagra Falls National Park is not like that – it’s beautifully peaceful and non-commercial, while the falls themselves are spectacular.

On my way up to Toronto to visit my snowboard buddies, my friend Kenan and I decided to take a diversion to the Falls and I am very happy that we did. It was a beautiful late-August day and the Falls were as pretty as can be.

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