iPods are Beautiful

The Fifth Generation (video) iPod is a thing of beauty. I figured that I would shake things up a bit and divert from the usual white. My office is too clad in apple-white these days.

I figure that it’s about time for me to start doing something with all these iPods. The Black 5Gen will become my primary “traveling” iPod. The 4th Gen Color is going in my X3 (hopefully using the iceLink Plus car adapter). The Shuffle will still be used for working out and snowboarding. Not so sure what to do with that 2nd Gen…hmmmm. Any ideas?

Not-so-Sunny Seattle – Visions of Pike Place Market

IMG_0133.JPGStarbucks Store #1 - (Old Style Logo)IMG_0130.JPG
I’ve been told by Seattle residents many times that Seattle gets a bad wrap for the perception that it’s the “rainiest” city in the USA, while, in fact, New York, Chicago and several other major cities have a greater annual average rainfall.

Statistically, this might indeed be true, however, the heavens never cease to open up ever time I go to visit. Nevertheless, some of Seattle’s greatest attractions can be found indoors – great restaurants, Mariners baseball at the retractable-roofed Safeco field, good shopping and, of course, Pike Place Market.

The problem with Pike Place Market is not-so-much one of the market itself, but more of a problem of my own self control. I simply cannot stop from eating myself sick when I’m there. In about 2 hours, I was able to finish off a shrimp cocktail, several dried fruit rolls, a grilled (homemade) cheese sandwich, a small cup of mac and (again, homemade) cheese and six mini donuts.

Total loss of self-control.

Berlin – A Five-day, Pre-Oktoberfest Diversion

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church
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My friend Kurt and I continued our quest to attend the greatest festivals and parties in the world and the “real” Oktoberfest in Munich has been on our list for some time now. True to what we heard, Oktoberfest does have a sort of Bavarian charm, but is also chocked full of tourists. We figured that we could only take so much of the tourists, giant pretzels and bratwurst, so we decided to start the trip with five days in Berlin – a serious party town in itself.

Berlin didn’t dissapoint. The mix of history, architecture and nightlife made for a surprisingly good trip.