Not-so-Sunny Seattle – Visions of Pike Place Market

IMG_0133.JPGStarbucks Store #1 - (Old Style Logo)IMG_0130.JPG
I’ve been told by Seattle residents many times that Seattle gets a bad wrap for the perception that it’s the “rainiest” city in the USA, while, in fact, New York, Chicago and several other major cities have a greater annual average rainfall.

Statistically, this might indeed be true, however, the heavens never cease to open up ever time I go to visit. Nevertheless, some of Seattle’s greatest attractions can be found indoors – great restaurants, Mariners baseball at the retractable-roofed Safeco field, good shopping and, of course, Pike Place Market.

The problem with Pike Place Market is not-so-much one of the market itself, but more of a problem of my own self control. I simply cannot stop from eating myself sick when I’m there. In about 2 hours, I was able to finish off a shrimp cocktail, several dried fruit rolls, a grilled (homemade) cheese sandwich, a small cup of mac and (again, homemade) cheese and six mini donuts.

Total loss of self-control.

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