2007 Hoboken Accolades and Videos

As the year is coming to an end, many websites are doing their year-end “best of” reviews and recapping their content for 2007. In the past week, there were a few pieces re-released about my hometown of Hoboken. Both do a pretty good job for the city’s P.R. (see after the photos):

Some pics of Hoboken (taken by me at various points from October 2006 to June 2007 – click through for full Flickr page for each):

Typical Hoboken Row House

The Greatest Little League Field on The Planet

Tugboat, Hoboken to New York City

The first came from CNN and Money Magazine, which named Hoboken the top city in the country to live in for singles over 30. As that’s my demographic, I pretty much can’t disagree – Hoboken is great for us 30-something yuppies. You can access the online video here (unfortunately, CNN does not allow me to embed this video in this post).

Next, the New York City real estate show, In the Box, featured a segment on “Hip Hoboken”, which made it to their Top-5 clip list of 2007. You can access that video on the InTheBox website. (This time, WordPress has a restriction in embedding this type of video, so you’ll have to click through the link. Note that the link provided is from their “Top 5” clip collection, which adds a minute or so of commentary about “Hoboken hotties” before the original clip is shown.)

Finally, it’s probably worth mentioning an AM New York piece that appeared in October 2007 entitled, City Living: Hoboken. It does a pretty good job at examining the major aspects of the city: history, food, drink and real estate (what else is there, anyway?). I find it funny how Hoboken is starting to be included in all these New York City-focused blogs and publications. I think people are starting to realize that Hoboken is more New York City than most of the outer boroughs…

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