Update: Why Eos Airlines is the best airline operating today

Just a quick follow-up to my April 2007 post reviewing Eos Airlines’ great service.

If you have not read the full review, you can find the original blog entry here.

[Above: The new Eos logo, reflecting their new branding…]

Believe it or not, it is my most popular blog entry on the entire site. Since I first posted this a year ago, it has been viewed over 145,000 times and I have received many emails about it from people all over the world.

Since I originally posted this in April 2007, I have continued to fly Eos a number of times. I should also note that I have continued to fly Silverjet and Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class, as well. All of these airlines provide excellent service, but Eos still remains my favorite and is, by far, the most, ummm, luxurious, of these carriers. My choice of carrier, however, is usually dictated by price. If you are flexible enough to plan your trip 30 days in advance, Virgin usually offers some excellent “Z Class” fares several times a year, which are the cheapest you can usually find for this class of service. Eos, however, remains very competitive and I should note that I recently flew them for $987 each way.

In the last year, a few things have changed since my original review:

  • Starting May 5, 2008, Eos will start flying from Newark Liberty Int’l Airport (EWR) to Stansted. This is far more convenient for many of the execs who live in the Jersey and NY State suburbs. For me, this helps save a significant amount of time, since traffic to JFK is miserable. I suspect a number of those traveling from many points in Manhattan will also choose EWR, since it is often quicker to get to EWR by car when compared to JFK. Eos will also begin service from JFK to Dubai later this yea
  • Last summer, Eos completely re-furbished their Stansted lounge. It is now significantly more comfortable and the food selection is far greater. Service in the new lounge is excellent.
  • The food on board is still excellent, however, they have made a recent change to the format. Instead of offering a larger appetizer to start the meal, they are now serving passed hors d’oeuvre. Their concept here is that people no longer want a very large, belly-stuffing meal while on board and this new format gives you the choice to “graze” as you wish. Some of the appetizers are very tasty, while others I could do without, but, overall, I think this is a good move. The size and frequency of the service still fills you much more than you probably need to be filled! We need to keep in mind that the NY-London flight is less than 7 hours, so the two meals you get on board are more than enough.
  • They have started their own magazine, called Eos Class. This is a nice quality publication and is very different from any other in-flight magazine.
  • Eos has hired something called a “Chief Lifestyle Officer”. I’m not sure what this guy does, but it sounds like a job that I’d like. How can I apply?

Overall, the quality of service remains superb. I really hope this airline survives. With the demise of MaxJet late last year, as well as the more recent demise of 3 US domestic airlines, the US airline industry continues to be unstable. This is a quality operation, however, and I hope its niche has allowed to be fiscally successful.

Again, if you have not read the full review, you can find the original blog entry here.

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