Cool Hotels, Volume 2: Cavello Point Lodge, Sausalito, California

One of the most common questions I get asked about my travels is “Where do you stay when you visit [insert city here]?”   As a result, I figured that I’d start documenting some of the more interesting hotels that I stay at.  This is installment Number 2.

Cavallo Point Lodge
601 Murray Circle
Fort Baker / Sausalito, California 94965



[Above, left to right:  A photo of the bay and Golden Gate from the property’s front lawn, the living room from one of the guestrooms and the instructional kitchen.]

The Cavello Point Lodge is one of the more unique hotels that I’ve ever stayed at.  The word “hotel” doesn’t quite describe it, however, as it is more of a resort, comprised of a number of early 20th-century buildings constructed at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge.   The buildings, and the property in which they sit on, were formerly known as Fort Baker, the US Army base erected to protect the mouth of the Golden Gate from potential intruders.  The original buildings have been carefully renovated into a five-star resort which features a number of yoga and wellness classes, cooking classes, an excellent spa and fitness facility, a high-end bar and restaurant and, most importantly, unique and spectacular views of downtown San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.

They have an excellent cooking instruction facility and their Cooking Director is Kelsie Kerr, who is the former chef at the famed Chez Panisse and recently co-authored The Art of Simple Food with the legendary Alice Waters.  On the day of my arrival to a board meeting last month, the group of 14 that I was meeting with was brought upstairs to the culinary studio and cooked our own dinner – after instructure from Miss Kerr, of course.    To my surprise, the food was great and the overall exeperience was a great teamwork exercise.

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