Quick Note: Four Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Just a quick note about four upcoming speaking engagements in the next month…I’ll be quite busy on the speaking circuit!

On Friday, May 1, I will be speaking at the Edgar Dunn & Company Fraud Round-table in Philadelphia.  The audience will be a small group of Chief Risk/Compliance Officers from the nation’s largest credit card issuers.  I am not sure if this is a public or private event, but it looks interesting.  I’ll be speaking on topics related to emerging merchant fraud detection tools, techniques and technologies.

Then, on Wednesday, May 13th, I’ll be speaking at the European CNP Payment Forum Annual Conference at the Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel Barcelona, Spain.  The presentation will be called “The DNA of Fraud” and will look at some of the core elements and causes of payments fraud today.   Anyone is welcome to register for this three day event.

I will be back home in New York City on May 21st, speaking on a more technical topic.  This time, I will be speaking at the Golden Gate Roadshow at the Westin New York Times Square, where I will talk about current architectural trends related to the real-time, highly-available database systems (Yes, sounds fun, doesn’t it).   This event is open to registered guests.

Finally, I will be back in London on June 17, speaking about, errrr, well, that is TBD – but it will also have something to do with high availability systems.  This one will be at the wonderful Vinopolis on Bank End in London.

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