Presentation: Understanding Dynamic Chinese Online Payments Market

As part of a project to share many of the presentation from my speaking engagements, I will be slowly releasing the PowerPoint slides from all my public speaking events.

Presentation Title: Understanding Dynamic Chinese Online Payments Market

Date/Location Presented: 2009 Merchant Risk Council Annual Conference;  Wynn Hotel and Resort, Las Vegas;  March 11, 2009.   I co-presented this with GuoDong Zhang, the CEO of China Bank Payments, who flew in from Beijing for the event.

Audience: The presentation was given to a group of global merchants and service providers.

Overview: The growth of e-commerce shopping in China has exploded in the past five years.    As China has propelled itself to the top of the global e-commerce marketplace, its payments infrastructure has been forced to adapt accordingly in order to support this new sales channel.  The payments paradigm used in China is quite different from what online shoppers are used to in the western world and, consequently, so are the risks, processes and business considerations for merchants who sell online.  This presentation explores the unique aspects of this market.

NOTE: Contents of this presentation are (c) 2009 Christopher Uriarte and Retail Decisions, and may not be used or distributed without explicit permission.