Scenes from Prague

Unlike some of my other travel writings, there’s not much for me to say here.    While Prague can be overrun with tourists and lacking in the “great food” category, there is little argument that it is a beautiful place with an architectural history rivaled by only a few other European cities.  Here’s a glimpse…

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague 22

Prague 2

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague 13

Prague 12

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague 6

There is a comprehensive set of photos on my Flickr.

14 responses to “Scenes from Prague

  1. Wow those are really good pictures. Prague is such a wonderful place, I went there for a choir trip. I’m glad you got to go and experience it!

  2. Great photos, Chris. I went with an Intrepid group in May this year, and we all fell in love with Prague. I’d been wanting to see the Frank Gehry “Dancing building” for years, but in fact found it rather disappointing when compared with the beauty of the older buildings in Prague. It’s certainly a city to explore on foot. A few of us went on a free walking tour with New Europe Tours, and the guide really brought the history alive for us.

  3. I love Prague. It’s a great City. There are so many places besides the touristic areas and the Czech people are great.

    I live in Dresden, it’s very close and so I often got to Prague…
    You’re pictures are great. What & where is the figure sitting on the stone?

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