Presentation: The Rise in Card-Not-Present Fraud and Its Affect on the Pre-Paid Market 

As part of a project to share many of the presentation from my speaking engagements, I will be slowly releasing the PowerPoint slides from all my public speaking events.

Presentation Title: The Rise in Card-Not-Present Fraud and Its Affect on the Pre-Paid Market

Date/Location Presented: Giftex Prepaid Network Canada – The Global Prepaid Exchange,  Park Hyatt Hotel, Toronto;  July 13, 2009.   The Global Prepaid Exchange is the widest reaching prepaid industry organisation in the world with a membership that spans four continents. Our members are involved in issuing, processing, manufacturing or distributing three out of four of the world’s prepaid programs.

Audience: The presentation was given to a group of global merchants, card program managers, and others.

Overview: The growth of Card Not Present (CNP) fraud has led to a massive rise in the fraudulent purchase of plastic and virtual gift cards.  Given that gift cards are now the #1 purchased item among all online retailers, the problem has begun to cause major impact to the bottom line.   The presentation examines the source of the problem, case studies of gift card fraud, details on the monetization of stolen gift cards, as well as proposed tools and solutions.

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