Quick Note: Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Well, it’s halfway through February, and I usually start getting booked up for speaking gigs this time of year.  Right now, I am scheduled for two in March and April:

On Tuesday, March 17, I will be speaking at the annual Merchant Risk Counsel conference at the Wynn Las Vegas Casino and Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This year, I will be speaking about all sorts of issues about gift card fraud, which is quickly becoming one of the biggest issues in the fraud/risk management space today.  I am honored to be co-presenting with Dr. Dan Horne from Providence College, who is  the world’s leading expert on gift card/gift certificate use and promotion – a.k.a. “The Gift Card Guru”.   Also happy to be back at The Wynn, where I usually camp out for one week a year.

I will also be speaking at the inaugural MRC Europe conference on April 22 at the NH Hotel du Grand Sablon in Brussels, Belgium, where I will be kicking off day 2 of the conference.  I have been asked back to present my updated presentation on “The DNA of Fraud”,  a variation of which I presented at the CNP Forum in Barcelona, Spain last year.

I’ve also been invited to speak as a keynote at what will be Africa’s largest IT/Technology-related conference in Cape Town, South Africa this spring – details coming soon…

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