From the Sideline: New York Giants vs. New York Jets on Christmas Eve

Everything was setup perfectly for the type of showdown that you wish every football game could be.

It was the two same-city rivals, who only meet each other in the regular season once every four years.  They share the same stadium, alternating home games from week to week.  And, although, the Jets were officially the home team, the stadium was heavily flooded with Giants blue.  The weather was sunny and unseasonably warm and everyone was more than happy that they could leave and have, at least, the next two days off from work, instead of treking to the office as they normally would after a typical Sunday afternoon game.  Most importantly, however, the game actually meant something:  The winner would go on to play the next week in an attempt to win their division, while the loser’s season would be, effectively, over.  It was all or nothing.

I was lucky enough to be on the sidelines before kickoff.   And, also lucky for me, the New York Giants prevailed 29 to 14, in a matchup that was worthy of twice the already-inflated ticket price.







DSC_0106 - Version 2


There are many more pics that can be seen in my Flickr set for this game…

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