Summer in Mykonos, Greece

These are tough times in Greece and the recent economic woes have caused Athens to be a, well, not so nice place. The challenges that the country faces are visible in all parts of the city, demonstrated by the thousands of empty storefronts, rampant graffiti and countless protests.

Hop the water to Mykonos, however, and the scene is very different. Forever a tourist destination, Mykonos was spotless, bustling and thriving with visitors. The crowd included its normal mix of tourists from all ends of the earth, as well as Greeks who have chosen to stay closer to home for a shorter, more sensibly-priced holiday.

Daytime in Mykonos Town is sleepy, to say the least. Strolling through the winding alleys brings you to a countless array of small shops and (mostly shuttered) restaurants and bars. Nighttime, however, tells a completely different story. Restaurants bustle. Bars thump and become packed. Nightlife-goers overflow into the car-free streets. Getting home at 5am is “early” here.

Mykonos, Greece 2

Mykonos, Greece 8

Mykonos, Greece 3

Mykonos, Greece 5

Mykonos, Greece 13