About Chris Uriarte

San Francisco, June 2008London 2009Me at the NASDAQ Market Site PodiumBrazil, 2008Hoboken, 2007
Berlin, 2005Off Guard (2007-April-06 - 365 Days)Killington - End of Long DayBerlinMunich, Oktoberfest, 2005

If you really want to learn more about me, you should probably checkout my homepage at http://www.cju.com. Specifically, you can take a look at a short personal biography, as well as my current professional biography. You can also read my short WikiPedia biography, even though it’s somewhat inaccurate and outdated. In a nutshell, I am an 30-something currently living in the shadow of New York City, but traveling around the world, sometimes over 150 days a year. I spend too much time on the snow, drinking & eating, working, paying too much attention to the stuff around me and just enjoying life.

I take a lot of pictures and travel to a lot of places on an almost daily basis, so this is basically started out as a photo blog to accompany my Flickr gallery at http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrisjur. Recently, however, I’ve begun to expand the scope of my entries in this blog to include all of my writings about technology, culture and snowboarding. Maybe a little music, too.

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